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If you provide the public with educational or technical assistance, or if you operate (or plan to) an HHW collection program, this site has three simple tools to help you.


You'll find years of HHW expertise among the close to 300 subscribers at the Listserv for the HHW professional.If you are looking for an answer, ask the members of the HHW list, they are dedicated to helping fellow HHW professionals.


You can find out about important conferences and meetings of interest to the HHW community at the Calendar. Enter your own!

Topic Hub

A great service lies with the Topic Hub. This part of the site offers a narrative guide to web resources for the HHW professional. You may already know of some of the sites catalogued at the hub, but we offer a full text search capability of (currently) ~75 HHW web sites. You simply can't find a better search for the topic. You even have the opportunity to write your own evaluation of a resource, or to suggest other resources that have not yet been added.

We hope you enjoy what you find. We're interested in your input—this site is an information tool that's kept sharp with your use. Household Waste Removal

HHW News

The HHW News items that you will find here are from a search of newspapers across the nation. Links provided here are to stories found that contain the terms, "household hazardous waste" or "HHW".

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